Best Stand Up Paddle Boards of 2023?

Many of the iSup Guides you read are pay to play. If you're looking for the best stand up paddle board this year, Quoth paddle boards has you covered. 

Online shopping review guides are becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital landscape, aiming to assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. However, it is important to recognize that a significant portion of these guides are actually paid advertising in disguise. Many online platforms and websites receive compensation from companies to promote their products or services under the guise of unbiased reviews. These paid endorsements often skew the objectivity and reliability of the information presented, as the primary focus becomes promoting the advertiser's products rather than providing genuine, unbiased evaluations. Therefore, it is crucial for consumers to approach online shopping review guides with a healthy skepticism and conduct thorough research from multiple sources before making any purchasing decisions.

So, lets look at the value Quoth paddle boards brings, and why we're better board for your buck: 

  • Our prices. Many of our Canadian competitors are charge 6x the cost to produce an inflatable board. While this might have been okay back in 2019, thanks to Amazon allowing manufactures in China to sell direct to customer, brands that are still charging an insane markup, aren't acknowledging the economic realities of the average consumer these days. Quoth does! Our Margins are modest, because we're about making this activity accessible. 

  • Our Shape. Our shape is one-of-a-kind. We've seen some brands try to copy us, but nobody gets it quite right. Our high-nose rocker, width and length dimensions are unique and perfect for coastal water touring. 


  • Our Customer Service. We're always around, even after hours, we still pick up the phone. If customers have general questions or trouble-shooting needs, we're always available, which is rare!  Just take a look at our Google reviews. We're a 4.9 average for a reason. We care. 


  • The brand kicks ass. We don't do tacky, we don't do pink, and we don't care if yellow is your fave colour. If you're choosing a Quoth board, it's because you get it. 

  • We've got some values. We're completely against sex sells advertising. We give back to the local community and we try to offset our footprint by donating to Sea Legacy every month! 

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