Introducing the Quoth Team. These shredders are chosen based on their love for board sports, the outdoors, and involvement in their perspective communities.   We choose to partner with individuals who align with our vision of board sports and street fashion; those who get the #Quothlife

  • We do not objectify bodies or use sex to sell our products 
  • We are about diversity and inclusion and encourage all races, genders, and good humans to step on
  • We encourage cold water activities and embrace the rain - do you?
  • We encourage unisex expression in apparel 



Michale told us that the combination of paddleboarding and photography is flawless because he can capture visually breathtaking photos on his road trips to the lakes and oceanside locations. He loves nature because of how calming it is. Living in a fast-paced world with constant disturbance from social media creates a need for Michael to find a quiet place of solace to recuperate.

Michael says he is blessed to have a couple of friends that also enjoy nature as much as he does, which has resulted in a Crew of paddleboarders sporting Quoth, all the time! It's like spotting a pod of Orcas!

"Ever since my friends and I purchased our first Quoth boards, we've been exploring more than ever before; Quoth paddleboards expanded our horizons and added so much more fun to our regular lake days and road trips. We can now explore more places where we couldn't before."

We are stoked to have you as a rider, Michael! You can find Michael out on a Quoth board, rain or shine! Follow his IG for inspired analogue photography.





Born and raised in East Vancouver, Brian is a lover of nature and finds it to be a great environment to recharge and feel grounded in both mind and body. He will often spend his free time hiking in the mountains, camping in the woods, and paddleboarding at the beach/lake (even in the rain!!!).


After several years of renting paddleboards, Brian decided to purchase his first Quoth board back in 2021. Since then his board has brought him so many memories with friends and has allowed him to explore places where no other rental board could have taken him. What he loves most about his board is the convenience it brings and its wicked design.


Growing up, Brian used to get frustrated living in Vancouver when it rained constantly, hindering his opportunities to go out and explore. But with time, Brian has come to realize that we should learn to enjoy life regardless of what challenges it brings. As every fellow Vancouverite understands, the rain is something we simply cannot control and Brian fully embraces the idea that we should not let the weather dictate when we can go out and have fun. Whether in a cold winter storm or a hot summers day, Brian hopes to see you out on the water! #Quothlife


When Brian is not out on his paddleboard, He is a full time massage therapy student at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. He is continuously learning the techniques and knowledge to help others heal from physical injury and promote relaxation in mind and body. Brian is also a music lover and an adventure photographer enthusiast.


Paddleboarding is Brian’s favorite water activity and he continuously strives to become better at the sport with every opportunity he can get. He is also open to meeting other individuals who loves paddleboarding and the outdoors as much as he does.  


Brian looks forward to meeting you out in the water! #LETSGO #QUOTHLIFE








Howdy! I'm Johanna, and I am always looking to expand my skillsets over a variety of fields to become a modern renaissance woman.

Over the past two years, I have been an Axe Throwing coach, a Paddleboarding Instructor, Kayaking Guide, an Archery instructor and a woodworking artist in residence.

All of this was kickstarted 2 years ago during the beginning of a global pandemic, taking a pause with academics, and pursuing things that brought me joy instead of sitting and staring at a computer all day.

I bought my first paddleboard with the help of government funds and went paddling every week from Maple Ridge to Port Moody.

What astounded me most was just how close the most beautiful views of the Lower Mainland were from my backyard.

When I'm not out exploring on my paddleboard or learning a new skill, I work for sustainable and ethical fashion company Peau de Loup, breaking down barriers between size inclusivity, gender and fashion, as a product photographer and social media coordinator.

I believe that it's so important to create spaces that are accessible and prevent gatekeeping, especially in the world of water sports that historically has been inaccessible through high price points, and advertising that you have to be good-looking and in peak physical condition to participate.

What I love about being a Team Rider at Quoth is that you don't have to sexualize yourself and be half-naked to represent the brand, you can be yourself and show off your passion for the sport. You can just pick up your board, head to the closest body of water near you, and have fun!

I look forward to seeing you all out on the water!
You can follow my adventures on Instagram at @jay.jukebox