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Emulating the Quothlife board's supremacy in paddleboard design, the handcrafted NorthShore paddleboard delivers exceptional performance without breaking the bank. Designed specifically for exhilarating cold water escapades, it marks the onset of an extraordinary legacy. Each sale contributes to bolstering youth and recreational community programs, such as Family Services North Shore,  in the local area,  making every adventure a part of something larger and more meaningful.

Classic shape and detailed design. It has proven itself worthy of the seas. Coming in at 10'6'' high X 32'' wide and 6'' thick, with a maximum carrying load of 300 pounds. This board is stable in every environment.

Weighing a mere 17 pounds when inflated, the NorthShore paddleboard is designed for performance and durability. With its classic shape, detailed design, and proven stability in any environment, this board is a true standout.

Crafted with precision, the NorthShore features a full military-grade quad-core space yarn injected PVC, enveloped by high abrasion vulcanized taping. The top deck is adorned with our premium diamond-shaped dual/non-slip deck pad, accompanied by a secure bungee system and a comfort-grip handle with eight stainless steel D-rings.

Underneath, you'll find our preferred three-fin system, complete with an interchangeable rear fin. These fins enhance directional stability and control, making turns smoother than ever. The board's high rocker nose design is ideal for those seeking an exhilarating paddle experience or effortlessly gliding over choppy waters.

 By choosing NorthShore, you embark on an extraordinary adventure and support local youth and recreational programs, making a meaningful impact with every paddle.

What's included: 


  • Quoth iSup 
  • Paddle
  • Ankle attachment
  • Interchangeable fin 
  • Pump
  • Backpack
  • Patch kit

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