Carbon Fiber Paddle

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The #Quothlife Carbon Paddle is a lightweight carbon fibre paddle that breaks into three pieces for easy transport and travel.

👉3 Piece Travel Paddle

👉High Strength Round Carbon Fiber Shaft & Nylon Blade

👉Adjustable from 67" to 86" for riders of all heights

👉Breaks down to 38" Weighs 29 ounces

👉Floats in Water

👉Ergonomic, comfortable handle and shaft Ideal for travelling.

This Paddle is awesome! Adjustable for all rider heights, this 3-piece Travel Paddle breaks down to fit into your iSUP Backpack. The extra stiff carbon fibre shaft makes paddling easier and more efficient. It's also lighter than our aluminum and fibreglass paddles - so you can paddle farther with less effort. Light and durable, this paddle floats! This paddle feels great in your hands and makes your paddling strokes easier and more efficient.