Electric Pump

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Meet the Quothlife Electric Pump! 

Your go-to for inflating paddle boards! Comes with a handy LCD screen and auto-shutoff feature. Plus, it's a 2-in-1 wonder that inflates and deflates. 

Did we mention it has six nozzles to fit your stand-up paddle board perfectly?

 👉Supported pressure range: 0 to 20 PSI (Up to 1.378 Bar)

👉Digital sensor accuracy: 0.01 PSIA

👉Auto-off function

👉Dual Inflator switching point: 0.65 PSI

👉Maximum power consumption: 10A, 110W, 12VL

👉Length of DC cable: 9.9 ftA

👉Hose: 3.3 ft in length & with HR valve adapters